World Engineering Day 2021
4 March 2021 - News
The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development is celebrated on the 4th of March and the day aims to highlight engineers and their achievements in today’s world and to create public awareness on how engineering and technology are key to our modern lifestyle and for sustainable development.

Engineering plays a key role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as it helps to develop practical solutions for food, water, energy, environment, sustainable cities, natural disaster resilience and other areas which are crucial to all mankind. Engineering is also at the forefront of the development of new technologies enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution such as AI, IoT, robotics, etc.

Prodesign is proud to be a firm of consulting engineers which strives to bring a contribution to sustainable economic development and promote technological innovation for the improvement of the construction industry of Mauritius. We have a good team of engineers, each contributing to different areas such as MEP engineering for designing building services, sustainable engineering to propose the most environmentally considerate designs and to accompany our clients towards green building accreditations such as LEED and engineering research and development to develop technologies which can significantly improve the construction process and the management of buildings.

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