Artemis Curepipe Hospital
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Discover how we revolutionized the medical equipment planning for Artemis Curepipe Hospital, a modern and advanced private hospital developed by Gateway Real Estate Africa, a subsidiary of London and Mauritius-listed Grit Real Estate Income Group. With an impressive total floor area of 6087 sqm and 33  private rooms, Artemis Curepipe Hospital sets new standards in healthcare.

Our Hospital Engineering services played a vital role in this project, focusing on meticulous medical equipment planning and consultancy services. Here's an overview of our contributions: 
✅ Understanding the client's specific requirements: We worked closely with the hospital team to comprehend their unique needs for medical equipment, ensuring seamless integration into the facility's layout. 
✅ Comprehensive specifications and bill of quantities: We developed detailed equipment specifications and prepared a comprehensive bill of quantities and maintenance schedules, guaranteeing precision and accuracy. 
✅ Expert advice and coordination with the design team: Collaborating with architects and engineers, we provided invaluable insights on integrating medical equipment, optimizing room planning, and ensuring seamless MEP services support. 
✅ Tender management and supplier evaluation: We meticulously managed the tender process, compiled necessary documentation, and assisted the client in evaluating received tenders, ensuring the selection of the most suitable suppliers. 
✅ Quality control and inspections: Our dedicated team conducted thorough inspections to ensure the quality control of installation works, meticulously reviewing and approving shop fabrication drawings. 
✅ Compliance and coordination with authorities: We coordinated with relevant authorities, including the Radiation Safety Authority, preparing the Radiation Safety Report and ensuring adherence to necessary permits and authorizations. 
Throughout the project, we closely collaborated with the design team to seamlessly integrate the medical equipment within Artemis Curepipe Hospital. Our expertise in room planning, MEP services, and coordination with architectural and structural elements ensured optimal utilization of space and resources. 
The successful completion of this project resulted in enhanced workflow efficiency, improved patient care, and cost-effective operations. The medical equipment handled included digital X-ray machines, MRI scanners, CT scans, Cath Lab equipment, mobile X-arm machines, and ultrasound equipment. 
Experience the transformative impact of effective medical equipment planning. Contact us today to learn how our Hospital Engineering services can optimize your facility and elevate patient care. 

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