Project Management
While the management of a normal building project is within the capacity of many project managers, the management of a green building through an integrated project approach requires special skills.

This process requires a thorough understanding of the green building design framework, process, engineering and technology – which Prodesign is better positioned than other professionals to manage.

A green building requires an in-depth understanding of a range of factors and how they influence each other. It needs a special combination of design and managerial skills, which Prodesign can provide as either project managers or MEP consulting engineers.

LEED Project Management

The world of building project management has changed. It’s not just about complying with authorities and regulations anymore. Managing a LEED project requires a holistic view of buildings and the design process. Not every team may require LEED documentation or a strategy session but may require someone to help manage the LEED process. The idea behind our project management services is that we will help to make sure that everyone stays on task, contracts are set up to ensure that credits correspond to scopes of work for a consultant and that costs are kept under control. Prodesign has been involved in green building strategies on a variety of projects and has tracked what does – and doesn’t – work. With our wealth of real world experience, we know how to look beyond the reference guide as our team is used to customising LEED for Mauritius.

LEED Certification Consulting

Prodesign has in-house experts who offer a full package of LEED services including:

  • LEED certification consulting
  • Sustainable design charrettes and consulting
  • Energy modelling and analysis
  • Daylighting modelling and analysis
  • LEED design and construction stage documentation, measurement and verification.

Keeping multiple LEED-related scopes of work under one roof offers our customers greater efficiencies through clear lines of communication and reduces the time needed for co-ordination between consultants. We identify and integrate viable sustainable design strategies into new and existing buildings, advising and working with building owners and design teams each step of the way from pre-design through to construction.

BIM Management & Coordination

The implementation of BIM can be initially difficult and fragmented which hinders the full potential and benefits of using BIM. Our BIM management and Coordination services are very comprehensive and aim at reducing cost overruns, construction delays and poor construction quality and client dissatisfaction.


Importance of a BIM Manager

  • Provide Assistance in defining the Information requirements based on the strategic goals of the client
  • Deploys a BIM Execution plan for successful BIM management and BIM use and for compliance with ISO 19650, local technical standards and construction standards
  • Set up a Common data environment for collaboration between all project stakeholders
  • Perform periodical checks and audits of BIM models as well as clash