Digital Construction
Virtual Reality for Construction
The potential of virtual reality in building services is huge.

Prodesign has integrated VR into our workflow, proposing not only functional MEP designs but the possibility to visualise the building and all its components in a completely immersive and realistic experience. Through VR, our aim is to propose the following additional services:

  • To offer clients a realistic, fully immersive VR experience and providing them with the freedom to explore how a proposed building will feel.
  • To create and provide users (clients and other team members) with a sense of scale, depth and spatial awareness of the proposed buildings so that informed decisions may be taken.
  • To provide real-time visualisation of changes being made to the design which facilitates decision making and to produce models where the user can interact with the virtual building and different components, move to specific locations, view each fixture or equipment.
  • Full integration of BIM with VR resulting in augmented control of a building for the owner and access to important asset data resulting in efficient work systems and lower operating costs.
  • Use of 4K pictures and panorama pictures and high resolution videos of buildings for marketing purposes. The VR immersive experience can also be provided by property developers to prospective clients.
VR for enhanced Design Collaboration and Coordination

Collaboration between engineers, architects and clients has always been a big part of building design. What we can achieve with our VR services is that once inside a VR model, project participants can explore coordination and constructability issues, looking for visual clashes or collaboratively working on resolutions to ones that have already been identified. Immersed in VR, the designers immediately assess if the design feels and works the way they intended it. In the end, VR gives more information about the design compared to looking at several drawings. It is easy to spot errors (that may not be noticeable in drawings at first). The earlier we detect problems the bigger are the savings clients make The faster we all finish the design, the earlier the clients can build their project.

VR to boost Sales and Marketing

Virtual reality is transforming and replacing some of the traditional property marketing initiatives. Our VR services allow for fully-immersive, real scale visualizations where potential buyers can have a real sense of being in the property. From the VR model, high definition 4K footage can be captured which we then edit into breath-taking promo videos. Deco packs can be tested and chosen in real time with the client, any changes can be made earlier on in the process thus avoiding dissatisfactio