Hospital Engineering
Healthcare Engineering Consultants
We have worked on various types of healthcare facilities ranging from small area health centres to super-specialty hospitals. With over 50 various healthcare projects completed to date, we have extensive experience in designing healthcare facilities which delivers first class treatment, including Covid-19 treatment centres. We have experience as medical equipment planning, procurement, supervision, testing & commissioning consultant and are providing this service on major hospital projects.
Engineering Services

Infection control

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and other easily transmittable diseases are a serious concern in most facilities today, particularly in developing countries with a prevalence of severe contagious diseases. We fully master the intricacies of the hospital environment and we can help healthcare centres in ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for both patients and staff by controlling the transmission of infections. Our medical engineering consultants ensure quality healthcare environments which are sustainable and easy to maintain.

We can help in proper space planning, the proper design of mechanical ventilation systems, specifications for filtration systems and air distribution strategies to prevent transmission in healthcare buildings. We use computer fluids dynamics (CFD) software to accurately model air flow, and predict and control air movement to reduce cross-infections. This process is crucial for quality hospital engineering services.

Sustainable MEP Engineering

We provide a full range of MEP services in healthcare centres, from overall planning and client advice to design, tendering and supervision. We ensure that our client’s objectives are met with cost-effective solutions, and take into consideration a number of crucial aspects like:

  • Sustainability and Flexibility
  • Safe working environment for staff
  • Energy efficiency
  • Intelligent solutions which improve operation efficiency
  • Functionality
  • Delivery on time and within budget.

General MEP Services 

  • Electrical systems
  • IT and communications
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Fire precautions
  • Security and safety
  • Lifts
Specialised Hospital Engineering

Operating theatres
We have designed operating theatres to ISO standards, ranging from ISO 3 to ISO 5 cleanliness levels. These have allowed our clients to offer complex surgeries in their hospitals.
We can design ventilation and air conditioning systems for operating theatres (OT) to meet both ISO Standards and JCI accreditation. These include laminar flow ventilation for organ transplants, open heart surgery, IVF and simple but effective ventilation systems in low-budget health centres.
We can also help with OT medical equipment and surgical panels, finishes, doors and equipment suspensions and all aspects of healthcare facility planning and design.

Medical gas system
We have designed centralised medical gas distribution systems for large public and private hospitals, which have helped our clients save on their gas bills. We can design centralised production and distribution of medical gas systems (including oxygen, compressed air, medical, vacuum and nitrous oxide) coupled with safe anesthetic gas discharge systems in OT.

Patient-to-nurse call system
Patient-to nurse-call systems we have designed help nurses give quicker attention to critical patients, provide comfort and therefore improve satisfaction. We can design both conventional and the latest IP-based nurse-call systems which allow nurses to provide care as quickly as possible to avoid discomfort. These nurse-call systems can also help reduce staffing needs.

Medical equipment planning
Medical equipment costs money and its planning and installation are of crucial importance for its proper operation and durability. We can help hospitals in properly planning the installation of complex biomedical equipment like MRI and CT scanners, linear accelerators, X-ray machines, for Lasik and for cath labs