CIM offices at Les Cascades and Manhattan buildings
When CIM decided to move from their existing office in St Georges Street, Port Louis, they initially considered having a new corporate building. However, this option was dropped after several studies and they decided to renovate two of their existing properties to house their activities. The demand for more space had become urgent and the deadline for moving out from the St George Street building was approaching.

As a result, the project deadlines were seemingly impossible. Prodesign rose to the challenge and CIM is fully satisfied with its new offices and the way the services were provided and commissioned, as well as the plug-and-play facilities.

The two major challenges of the project were to redesign services which had to the retrofitted in existing plant rooms, spaces and risers designed for other use, and to do so within a very short time.

Densely occupied call centres and offices were required, presenting challenges for Power IT and above all cooling, with split units as the only possible solution. We managed to strike the right balance between costs and energy efficiency by working closely with suppliers and selecting high-efficiency units.

Lead times were long for most products we needed and we could not wait because of the very tight schedule. We therefore undertook the management of all local procurement, using what was available ex-stock in Mauritius. Our procurement specialist did a fantastic job to source and recommend products which could be available within the project time-frame and which could meet specified performance requirements.

Working closely with the project managers, we carried out all procurement for MEP items, managed the programme of works for engineering installations and administered the various sub-contractors.

The renovated offices now provide a showcase for CIM’s vision and Prodesign is proud to have helped in meeting the CIM Group’s objectives.

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