Renovation of Weal House
The ABC Banking Corporation, a fast growing private commercial bank in Mauritius, commissioned the design and construction of their headquarters in 2013. They acquired an old building in the heart of the capital, Port Louis, and the consulting team then transformed the interior into a modern high-tech icon, while retaining its Victorian architectural heritage.

Located within the Aapravasi Ghat buffer zone and with restrictions on the extent of modifications which could be brought to the building, Prodesign’s challenge was to ensure the new office complies with current fire and other regulations. These restrictions posed particular challenges when it came to locating A/C compressors, lift machine rooms, risers and other plant and equipment.

The historic building, seemingly from another age, is now packed with the state-of-the-art technology which a modern bank requires. Prodesign engineers worked closely with the various user departments and team leaders to provide engineering systems which function effectively. The building was completed in early 2015.