Moka Smart City LEED ND green certification
The Moka Smart City is ENL major development planned to transform Moka in the coming years.

The Moka region is transitioning into a more sustainable and liveable city through the progressive rolling out of a concept of ‘citysmarting’ which started over the past decade. The core elements of the plan for a smarter Moka are: making optimum use of resources; offering an improved quality of life; fostering engagement with key stakeholders including the community and public authorities; and creating real economic opportunities.

With sustainability at the heart of this development, ENL has demonstrated its commitment to take its Smart City to international level and appointed Prodesign to get a LEED Neighbourhood certification for this development.

The project is already registered with the USGBC and Prodesign Sustainability Engineers, Green Building Consultants, MEP Consultants, and M&E Engineers are working with the development and master planning team to incorporate LEED ND sustainability requirements in the planning and design.

Project Details
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