Seychelles Hospitals Concept Masterplan
Hospitals & Laboratories
This project, initiated by the Seychelles Government consisted of the upgrade the services and facilities at the six hospitals in Seychelles in line with established British and European Standards and to provide services and facilities, systems and functions that would meet the requirements for eventual Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

Our role was to produce a masterplan that would cause the least possible disruption to hospital activities and least discomfort to patients and their visitors. The new facilities had to meet the demand for healthcare services for the next 20 years. The dedicated Prodesign team engaged with a variety of relevant stakeholders and end users. Workshops, interviews, discussions, meetings and presentations were arranged, giving people the opportunity to contribute to the development of a masterplan which is relevant in the Seychelles context, and addressing local needs and aspirations. The masterplan has been developed to be implemented in phases, based on the availability of resources and finance while allowing the hospitals to operate fully during construction works.

Project Details
Ministry of Land Use and Housing, Seychelles
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