Hilton Hotel Wolmar
An award-winning five-star beach resort on the island’s West Coast, the Hilton Mauritius undertook major renovation work between June and September 2014.

Working with a team of international consultants, Prodesign provided full MEP design and supervision services, including energy analyses, dynamic simulations and life-cycle costings for chiller systems.


Working closely with Hilton International Worldwide, we designed engineering systems in line with their guidelines whilst incorporating some modifications to adapt to the local context and budgetary requirements. We investigated cheaper local alternatives to the material and equipment specified, and proposed alternative engineered solutions that would not comprise performance and standards.


The biggest challenge was to design, detail and co-ordinate all the work with other specialist consultants within a period of 45 days, after which a full set of contract drawings were issued to the contractors. The chiller plant yard and all pipework were designed on a BIM platform and, with co-ordinated 3D models, issued to the building contractor. The permanent on-site presence of a director and support engineers ensured that the snagging and de-snagging tasks were carried out on time and that all installations were thoroughly commissioned before the hotel’s re-opening in October 2014.


Prodesign continues to provide assistance to the client with post-occupancy monitoring and energy consumption studies.

Project Details
Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa
Start date
June 2014
End date
September 2014