Sugar Beach Resort
As part of the replacement of the whole HVAC system at the Sugar Beach Resort project, Prodesign was commissioned to recommend what would be the best replacement for the existing system based on life cycle costs.

The hotel was particularly looking for a system that would be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. An energy model was created for the whole hotel, which was then configured to simulate the energy consumption during a typical year (based on occupancy rates provided) for various heating, ventilation, and air- conditioning (HVAC) system types, including an air-cooled chilled water system, a water-cooled chilled water system and VRV units. The replacement began in September 2013 and completed in September 2014. A Samsung VRV system has been installed. The room units were size to control humidity inside the guest rooms to avoid mold and odours.

Project Details
Sun Resorts Ltd
Start date
September 2013
End date
September 2014