Refurbishment of the Château de Bel Ombre
Le Château de Bel Ombre, originally built in the 18th century, is among the few rich heritages of Mauritius still in a good state. It is now a superb restaurant attached to the five-star Heritage Le Telfair Resort, in Bel Ombre.

In May 2017, the Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre commissioned Prodesign to provide MEP consultancy services for the renovation of Le Château de Bel Ombre and to transform the pedestrian experience between the hotel and the Château.

Working with a team of international landscapers, architects, interior designers, and client, Prodesign provided this building with state-of-the art MEP services while keeping its original cachet. Prodesign’s multidisciplinary team carried out consultations with the various parties involved and they came up with a solution to preserve the authenticity of the building. Our dedicated M&E engineering team also helped the landscape architect with the lighting design of the 900 m long pathway which is a unique picturesque view at night.

It was a real challenge to retrofit the systems and equipment in such a historical building, but Prodesign’s MEP consultants, who have considerable experience in the renovation of listed buildings, marvellously achieved the M&E engineering task. The apartment was redesigned in an optimal manner, whilst ensuring that the refurbishment spaces complies with current fire and other regulations. All the provided MEP consultancy services were inspected and verified for any rectification of defects before it was re-opened in October 2017 after five months of closure.

The scope of MEP consultancy services provided by Prodesign consisted of the following:

  • Foul drainage above ground
  • Drainage below ground
  • Hot and cold water
  • Fire hose reels
  • Toilet ventilation
  • General ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Electricity generation plant
  • LV supply/ Public utility supply
  • LV distribution
  • General LV power extra low voltage supply
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Emergency lighting
  • Utilities lighting but excluding interior and decorative lighting, access road lighting.
  • Security systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Data transmission
  • Access control
  • Security detection and alarm
  • Fire detection and alarm
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Lightning protection
  • Sound system
Project Details
Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre
Société d’Architecture Alain-Charles Perrot and Florent Richard
Start date
May 2017
End date
October 2017